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Revolutionizing Saudi Arabia’s Digital Transformation: Managed Wi-Fi Network Services

Revolutionizing Saudi Arabia’s Digital Transformation: Managed Wi-Fi Network Services
  • Strategic Evolution of the Telecom Industry: In alignment with Saudi Vision 2030, the Saudi telecommunications industry embarked on a strategic shift towards government and enterprise services in 2016. This shift positioned telecom companies to effectively respond to competition and address long-term goals.
  • A Growing Customer Base: Presently, the telecom industry boasts over 50,000 government and enterprise customers, marking a thriving market and substantial customer base that supports its journey towards digital transformation.

Accelerating Digital Transformation: The Wi-Fi Revolution

  • The Shift to Wireless: The wave of digital transformation prompts businesses to transition from fixed-access/LAN offices to wireless/Wi-Fi offices. This transition also drives demand for managed Wi-Fi network services, enabling enterprises to concentrate on their core services while telecom companies manage their network infrastructure.
  • Managed Wi-Fi Network Services: Recognizing this shift, telecom companies introduced managed Wi-Fi network services, expanding beyond conventional leased line services. This initiative elevates revenues for enterprise businesses by over 5 percent, boosting their digital transformation efforts.

Enabling Seamless Connectivity through Cloud Management

  • The Challenge of Cloud Adoption: Unlike moving enterprise customers to cloud service providers (CSPs), telecom companies chose to enhance their service offerings, providing delivery, maintenance, and value-added services. This approach aligns with their goal to cultivate their B2B service ecosystem, ensuring strong enterprise application business revenue and customer loyalty.
  • Centralized Cloud Management: Telecom companies’ enterprise business teams meticulously strategized the journey towards managed Wi-Fi network services, emphasizing network planning, deployment, and operations and maintenance (O&M).

Revolutionizing Network Planning and Deployment

  • The Conventional Process: Traditional network planning involves site surveys and complex hardware installation, often leading to high costs and inefficiencies. Subsequent O&M becomes challenging, with on-site troubleshooting and limited scope for each O&M personnel.
  • Efficiency through Cloud Tools: Cloud-based tools redefine the process. Cloud network planning simplifies the process for enterprise customers. Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) during deployment streamlines hardware installation and commissioning, while cloud-based O&M resolves 80 percent of network issues remotely.

Unveiling EZELINK’s Cloud Solution

  • Choosing the Right Partner: Telecom companies meticulously evaluated various cloud platforms over a 10-month period. EZELINK’s Cloud solution emerged as the most suitable choice, with its comprehensive offerings and alignment with their requirements.
  • Advantages of CloudCampus: The solution’s mobile app empowers enterprise customers and telecom companies’ O&M engineers with real-time network management capabilities. Cloud management ensures network performance visibility, predictive analysis, and automatic issue resolution.
  • Success Stories with CloudCampus: EZELINK’s Cloud solution proved pivotal in projects such as the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health (MOH) initiative. With 15 sub-departments, MOH required efficient, secure network management. CloudCampus enabled telecom companies to deliver impeccable services, meeting MOH’s stringent requirements.

Enhancing Revenue Streams through Innovation

  • The Value Proposition: Telecom companies’ cloud management platforms drive innovative, value-added services. By reducing O&M workload, enhancing network performance, and offering diverse scenarios, they cultivate a loyal customer base.
  • Driving Growth through Managed Wi-Fi: The synergy of managed Wi-Fi network services and leased lines has created a competitive offering for telecom companies. Their cloud platform forms the foundation for added-value services and sales, enriching customer experiences.
  • Empowering Saudi Arabia’s Digital Landscape: As telecom companies leverage their cloud platforms, they’re poised to deliver top-notch managed Wi-Fi networks to an ever-expanding pool of enterprise customers, fueling Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation journey.

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